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Funeral Transport & Cortege Limousine Hire

The provision of a hearse and cortège limousine of your choice, along with chauffeurs and sufficient bearers is often an integral part of the service offered by funeral directors. Alternatively, you could organise cortège limousine hire from a specialist independent provider.

Funeral Transport Considerations
When deciding on the most appropriate form of transport for the funeral cortège (the hearse and the cars following in the funeral procession), you may wish to consider some of the following issues:

Type and Style of Hearse: For example, would you prefer a traditional, standard hearse, chauffeur–driven cortège limousine, horse-drawn hearse, motor cycle hearse, or maybe some other, more personalised mode of transport?

Size of Funeral Cortège: How many principal mourners will require transport to and from the funeral and following the service? Bear in mind that a standard funeral limousine carries up to six people, comfortably. Also consider who is to travel in each car in the cortège.

Wheelchair Access: Do any of the mourners in the cortège require wheelchair accessible vehicles, as this may affect your choice of transport hire?

Funeral Procession Route: You will need to be specific about the route that the cortège is required to follow, e.g. departure and final destination points, whether you would like the cortège to follow a special route and if you require transport to a different destination after the funeral.

Funeral Transport Options

Funeral Car Hire Rental & Limousine Hire: Hearses, e.g. Daimler, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, vintage Austin, etc., and chauffeur-driven limousines (usually at an additional cost); hearses and limousines are available in many different styles and colours apart from the more traditional black, grey or sometimes white; blue or green are becoming an increasingly popular option, nowadays. Non-limousine type transport is also readily available for hire, e.g. black or silver Chryslers or Mercedes.

Motor Cycle Hearse: A classic motorbike and side-car hearse is another option, e.g. a Harley Davidson hearse, a Cafe Racer Triumph or maybe a Suzuki Hayabusa; some motor cycle hearses allow for a principal mourner to ride pillion.

● Horse-Drawn Carriage: A Victorian horse-drawn hearse, with two or four black or white horses, or a single horseback outrider to escort the cortège would be a befitting farewell tribute for anyone with previous equestrian connections.

Alternative Funeral Transport: Less conventional modes of funeral transport hire include: a VW hearse, flat-bed lorry, decorated bus, simple horse and cart (as opposed to a grand horse-drawn hearse), or a vintage fire engine – the possibilities are endless.

DIY : Provided you comply with local laws and regulations and use a suitably dignified mode of transport, there is no reason why you cannot transport the coffin, independently, in your own vehicle. But, you are advised to check with the cemetery, crematorium or designated funeral location, beforehand.

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